After retiring from the United States Marine Corp, Ron Lester combined his legendary USMC skills and his passion for the American Bison into a way of life on his ranch.
Not always considered a "delicate" animal, the American Bison moves with dignity and grace even under the most extreme conditions.  As Ron says, "A Bison always goes through a storm never with the storm."
With leadership and vision, Ron established his first herd of Bison in 1973 and to this day, the Bison roam on over 160 acres of beautiful green Wisconsin Pastures.  The herd is completely hormone free and grass fed.
What separates Lester’s Bison Farm for the rest?  Quality!  We proudly offer Supreme Bison, High End Pork, Seafood, Young Goose, Duck, Alligator, Elk, Ostrich, and Beef.  Our products are all organic, all free range, and all are of higher quality than that sold in top end restaurants.  Best yet, we ship anywhere in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
We also offer free pasture Brown and Rainbow Eggs from local farmers.  We also offer a hand crafted award winning Wisconsin Cheeses.
We go the extra mile to ensure top of the line product for our customers at the best prices.  Our mission is to offer the BEST PRODUCT for the BEST PRICE, to the BEST PEOPLE!! 
Come see us at Lester’s Country Store on the Ranch, it is an easy 60 minute drive from Chicago. 
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